What does "great vintage" mean to us?


Simply put: vintage that feels better the older it gets.

When I first started sourcing for the shop, I really didn’t know anything about vintage at all. I felt overwhelmed with the possibilities of how, where, and what to source. Over time, I learned that the touch & feel of fabric is a major part of sourcing high-quality vintage, and this remains the foundational concept of my picking process to this day. Read more about my curation standards below:


For me, everything comes down to feel. Well-made pieces just feel great to the touch – that's pretty much the whole secret to finding great vintage. My absolute favorites to keep in stock are high quality wools, cottons, and silks. These top-drawer fabrics not only last decades, but feel even better the older they get.

I love having pieces in my closet that I know will last as long as I need them to. Especially when it comes to the bare-bones basics & staples. Over the years, after circulating so much vintage in and out of my wardrobe, I've decided I can't live without a nice heavyweight cotton jean, and neither can my shop. These babies are INDESTRUCTIBLE! No matter how many times they go through the wash, or how many times they're mistakenly dried on high heat, or whatever kind of wild activities you get up to in them, they only build more character. 

Elevated Everyday-Wear

The same goes for a nice wool sweater, which admittedly isn't as hardy as those 90s mom jeans, but just as high quality. Sure, it may develop a few moth holes or get a little pill-y eventually, but that's nothing a little mending and sweater-shaving can't fix.

The feeling of a warm & cozy, perfectly broken-in Pendleton is truly the best. It's one of those pieces you pack away for the summer and get excited about all over again in September when you feel the slightest breeze in the air. 

I call these cozy one-of-a-kind pieces "elevated everyday-wear." They're not so flashy that they make everyone do a double-take, but they do have just enough pizzazz and luster to show off your style and personality.

Whether it's a 50s varsity sweater, a victorian corset-cover-turned-blouse, or a to-die-for dusty blue tattered and torn chore jacket, I always count on these pieces to bring my wardrobe (and my shop) full circle.

Conversation Pieces

Finally, we have the true gems and rarities, like this century-old hand-embroidered dragon robe. These are the pieces you can't find anywhere else, the gawk-magnets. Wear them to the grocery store at your own risk, even the broccoli heads will be turning. Over time, these have become my favorite things to find during vintage expeditions for the sheer joy of holding, wearing, and caring for such delicate and special garments.

My personal favorite pieces of this variety are silks. These are the most delicate of all, but also the highest quality and therefore (usually) the most cared for. The original owners of these silks adored them, and rightfully so. They've been very expensive, sought after pieces all throughout history. Buying a silk dupioni dress was better than buying a new pretty ring for some gals.

With the proper care, a beautiful silk can last for decades (and even a century, as proven by my fave 1920s step-in). But you won't see me only listing the most amazing silk pieces, because even the damaged ones have more life left to live with the right amount of care.

Whether you're browsing a new batch of single-stitch striped tees or gawking at a 1920's embroidered nightgown, you can rest assured that every piece in my collection was chosen for one simple reason: it looks and feels too great to pass up.

But even the best fabrics don't make it through all those years by themselves, they have help from owners that put proper care, love & attention into them (or stuff them into closets for decades).

I'm dedicated to continuing that cycle of care with this collection, so that you can enjoy your favorite pieces by actually wearing them – not just admiring them from afar.

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