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I'm Kylie, founder of Locicero Vintage. 

Five years ago I decided to turn my passions for thrifting, vintage, and sustainable shopping into a full-time small business.

I first discovered the joys of thrifting while living in a tiny mountain town in north Georgia. Without much to else to do but chat with the tractor man across the street and buy oat lattes, I found a much-needed outlet treasure hunting in the bargain bins around town. Thrifting became a way for me to get out of the house and accent my wardrobe with the cool pieces I came across.

When I found out about reselling platforms like Etsy and Depop, my mind was opened to new possibilities for thrifting.

I realized a lot more people shared my obsession, but not everyone wanted to spend the same time I did sourcing, curating, and restoring their favorite pieces. They knew they wanted the "thrifted" look, but they didn't know where to look, nor what separated true vintage from the stuff that is better off left on the shelf. And they were afraid to waste precious money and time on pieces that smelled strange (will it ever come out?), fell apart suspiciously too soon, or just plain weren't that great to begin with.

That's where I began to consider the value of "vintage-as-a-service." As someone who loves the thrill of the hunt, knows how to pick and choose the best pieces, and is willing to spend the hours and cents it takes to accumulate a desirable collection, would I be able to use those skills to help others achieve the look they've always wanted?

This was the question at the heart of Locicero Vintage. Five years later, having now connected nearly 10,000 unique pieces to loving homes, this question has become my mission. Locicero Vintage is now spread across multiple platforms, from depop and instagram to ebay, etsyobject limited, and now (finally) locicerovintage.com.



And I definitely haven't done it alone! Along the way I've picked up a few partners:

  • Sam (aka Spam), who helps with beautiful photography for the extra special Locicero drops, constantly brainstorms new ideas with me to keep things fresh, and spent way too many hours helping me build the website you’re on right now.
  • We also have Lou and Shiloh, who keep morale high and the fur count higher. If you find a stray pet hair or two on an item, first off I'm so sorry, and secondly you have them to thank!


After a difficult year in 2020, I decided now was a better time than ever to expand my collection to this dedicated platform for my most curated vintage pieces. I aim to cover every inch of the vintage spectrum, from high quality & beautifully maintained to thrashed & extremely rare, and every purchase is shipped in eco-friendly packaging as part of my commitment to sustainable shopping practices. I hope you love what you find on the site, and remember to check back often as I am always updating the collection with my latest finds.

A big part of my mission is to give these forgotten pieces (and especially the ones that need a little TLC) a second chance at life. Every piece you see in my shop (no matter the platform) is carefully sourced, cleaned, repaired/mended to the best of my abilities, and then listed for those in search of that something special. 

If you ever need help or want to chat, shoot me an email! Thank you for supporting this small business of mine, it means the world.

Your local vintage freak,


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